.Spring Rebirth

Perhaps more than our homes need a refresh

Whether or not Punxsutawney Phil ends up being right about the early timing of its arrival, spring is on the way. And with it come the ever-hopeful expectations of brighter days, warmer temps and a chance to air out the musty caverns of our homes (hearts and minds, too—or is that just me?). 

This issue features a couple of articles to assist in our domestic revivals. (Flip through the digital edition here.) Chloe Redmond Warner from Redmond Aldrich Design offers her expert eye on elevating spaces. And we round up a practical shortlist of local vendors to aid in the springtime rejuvenation of our living areas.

Although we’re lucky to live amidst so much natural beauty, the preserves of East Bay Regional Parks are also in need of regeneration. Over 1,500 acres of dead and dying trees present a wildfire danger that may best be rectified by “The Carbonator,” an enticingly named machine that can sequester carbon and enhance soils. Read about the parks’ fuels reduction project in this issue.

Nothing can quite revive the spirit and elicit the realm of possibilities conjured by spring like live theater and music. In our preview article, we present a diverse array of staged productions in the upcoming season of Oakland Theater Project. We also explore the diaspora of “Latin music”—a term as sweeping and unspecific as “jazz”—with famed local percussionist John Santos, whose Afro-Caribbean music is greatly inspired by Oakand’s revolutionary legacy.

Another concept needing redefining: aging, especially as it relates to women. While we all do our best to determine how we, er, mature (or don’t; as a Gen X friend likes to say, “Immaturity keeps me young!”), former firefighter and author Caroline Paul advises us to get outside. Whether we go whitewater rafting or watch birds in our backyard, having outdoor adventures is key to longevity and combatting society’s ageist messaging.

Because, as it turns out, society could use a light dusting here and there, too.


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