December 23, 2022

Lake Merritt

Local residents and frequent visitors to Lake Merritt might think they know everything about what has long been considered a “crown jewel” of Oakland. But much like an image appearing in a mirror held up to the city in which it is a centerpiece, the lake that is actually a lagoon and harbors the nation's first wildlife refuge reflects a layered, complex, intriguing history.
November 25, 2022

Explore Point Richmond

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Offbeat wedding venues like UC Botanical Gardens make for an unforgettable ceremony.
October 25, 2022

Offbeat Wedding Venues

For those wanting to stay local, here are some ideas for offbeat wedding venues that might just be the solution for an unforgettable—and unique—ceremony. Be aware that pent-up demand during the pandemic has meant a flood of weddings, so be prepared to book any of these offbeat wedding venues as far in advance as possible.
Buying locally
October 1, 2022

Gift Guide for Buying Locally

Ring-a ding-ding! Get your shopping chops warmed up, because the holidays are upon us. Buying locally, as we know, supports local businesses, is better for the environment, is more fun—and nets cooler gifts. Maybe the one they will remember forever. The suggestions below are by no means definitive. But you might find the perfect inspiration. Take a look and see…
Solo outings
October 1, 2022

Where to Go to Celebrate Solo

There are those who love their family—don’t get me wrong, I’m one of them—warts and all. And they have magical moments together around the holiday season. Or, the holidays can be a moment when the family that’s anywhere from mildly irritating to downright problematic can be an amplified nightmare.
November 5, 2021

Alone for the Holidays

Hiding in plain sight Is this holiday season finally going to allow us to gather back together with our families after nearly two years of lockdowns and disappointments? Starting in early October, White House medical adviser and face of...
November 5, 2021

Leading With Lifestyle

Ayesha Curry's Sweet July At Sweet July, fashion and design are represented by far more than clothing and home goods. The new one-stop retail shop and café, opened in downtown Oakland in January 2021 by restaurateur and best-selling...
August 6, 2021

Making Moves

Local creators thrive despite pandemic During the last year of the pandemic, we’ve all developed new hobbies: baking bread, making cocktails, gardening. But for the Bay Area’s Etsy sellers, “making” is more than entertainment; it’s a livelihood. During...
March 16, 2021

Best Place for Kids

  Of all the places available in the Bay Area for young ones to express themselves fully, out-of-the-house still ranks No. 1 with parents. With the dangers of Covid-19 lurking in the air, it may be difficult to...