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July 20, 2022

Fun, Feisty and Full of Flavor

Sponsored content by Drake's Brewing Co. Drake’s Brewing Co. has long been a pioneer in the craft beer industry, and its many fans won't be surprised to see the local San Leandro brewery named “Best Brewery of the East Bay”—again. Drake’s has been brewing top-quality beer in the East Bay for...
July 10, 2022

Best of East Bay 2022 – Cannabis

You Need a NUG Embracing state’s first Asian-owned equity dispensary  While not suffering from a shortage of cannabis dispensaries, NUG is a trim above the rest, and I highly recommend it. NUG is the first Asian-owned equity dispensary in...
July 10, 2022

Best of East Bay 2022 – Everyday

Shop Local How Oaklandish gives back Purchasing items from Oaklandish—Oakland’s 20-year-old apparel brand and social experiment in culture-keeping, community-building and promotion of civic pride—will help you give back in ways that are layered, multiple and—in the current moment—vital.  The brand...
July 10, 2022

Best of East Bay 2022 – Food & Drink

What’s Up, Doc? Rick & Ann’s Restaurant in Berkeley I’ve been ordering “Doc’s Delight” at Rick & Ann’s Restaurant for the better part of two decades. You get a perfectly crisp and tender waffle, two chicken apple sausages and...
July 10, 2022

Best of the East Bay 2022 – Family

Green Scene Ecology Center’s Youth Environmental Academy A local green movement has probably flourished in the East Bay since the area’s inception, but from 1969 onward many of the initiatives to make the world a better, greener place have...
July 10, 2022

Best of East Bay 2022 – Home Improvement

Cabinets of Curiosity Mod Cabinetry, Berkeley As always, we can thank the Germans for coming up with awesome compound words to describe esoterica.  Consider the “wunderkammer,” which roughly translates to English as a “cabinet of curiosity.” More than mere furniture,...
July 10, 2022

Best of East Bay 2022 – Romance

Romance Recalled Piedmont’s Pomet brings back memories Everyone’s idea of romance is different. My boyfriend and I used to love going to Spettro on Lakeshore Avenue. Its brick-lined interiors always made us feel comforted and cozy. But an old...
July 10, 2022

Best of East Bay 2022 – Recreation

Writer’s Pick: Big Red Roberts Regional Recreation Area  There is no shortage of parks in the East Bay, but few have as many amenities as Roberts Regional Recreation Area.  In addition to sweeping views of San Francisco and the bay, the...