.Letters from our Editor

December 23, 2022

The Rainbow Connection

Many moons ago, my preschool teacher asked each of us kids sitting in a circle to share our race or ethnic heritage. One by one, my classmates proudly declared that they were “Korean” or “Black” or “white.” When it was my turn, I stood up and said, “I’m chicken!”—crossing the signals of being told I was “Chicana,” or Mexican American, to hilarious effect.
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East Bay artistry
September 1, 2022

East Bay Artistry

People go to the East to reinvent themselves; they come West to be themselves. And nowhere else can someone do that with more freedom of expression than in the East Bay. From the campus to the curb, it’s in our DNA to be true to one’s self and vision. But it doesn’t stop there—we share it: The walls of our galleries and museums are lined with area art; our venues and stages thunder with local voices; and our streets are an ever-evolving canvas of murals and more.
The Best Moments: The East Bay has them all
July 1, 2022

The Best Moments

With apologies to Mr. Tony Bennett—sure he may have left his heart in San Francisco—but anyone who’s been in Oakland for more than two beats leaves a bit of their soul there. That goes for the greater East Bay, from (alphabetically) Alameda, Albany and Berkeley all the way to Union City—under the right conditions, something spiritual happens to you here that changes you. Moments, even small ones, can feel epochal to one’s own personal timeline.
Chow Now: An eater's guide to the East Bay

Chow Now

The East Bay has long been the epicenter of the gourmet universe. From Alice Waters introducing the Bay Area to the farm-to-table concept nearly 50 years ago to Alfred Peet kicking off the American coffee revolution from a Berkeley storefront—it seems that everyone in the East Bay has always had a prescient palate.