.For the Love of Winter

We in the Bay Area love to complain about cold weather. But while most people at this time would prefer to be lounging poolside in a warm locale, I’m more of a fall/winter person. It might have something to do with growing up in deserts (Las Vegas, Palm Springs) and spending a formative decade on Maui (read: even “perfect” weather all the time gets monotonous—I know, I’m weird). I like the chilly seasons.

Yes, it’s an introvert thing. Warm, sunny days are imbued with an unspoken pressure to go outside and be social. I welcome fog and rain so that I can stay in and think my thoughts. Plus, I like clothes—and wearing more of them! Coats, boots and thick-knit scarves are my adult comfort blankets.

Inspired by the stories of this month’s edition, I’ll likely cuddle up with a copy of Oakland author Leila Mottley’s debut novel, Nightcrawling, or settle in for a stylish film noir festival at home. When restlessness—or my extroverted partner—finally prompts me out, I will ditch my loungewear for something more festive at a nearby boutique, perhaps before treating ourselves to a luxurious, locally sourced dinner at Commis

Or maybe I’ll roam the charmed streets of Point Richmond before continuing my cultural quest with a visit to the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Their exhibit opening this month exploring the Buddhist tenet of “a constant state of reemerging, or arising” seems like an excellent endeavor for those of us who prefer to cocoon.

Whatever you feel inclined to do, may you find warmth within, or amongst your loved ones this holiday season and into the New Year. Stay cozy!


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