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.The New Era of Social Interactions: How People Find Their Social Circles in Unexpected Ways

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There are more people in the world, yet we all may feel so lonely from time to time. Studies say that the cause of our problem is that we are too connected to the online world, claiming that one important reason why people are lonely is because they spend too much time on the screen. Spending so much time on the screen means spending less time having physical interactions with people, which is a way of preventing loneliness. 

But although this is definitely true, spending time on their phones can also help some people’s way of fighting loneliness. There are now many different communities online that people can join to find like-minded people. It might not be easy to find people like you in your physical environment, but you’re more likely to in the digital world. In this post, we’ll look at some ways people find their social circles in this new era of social interactions.

Gaming Communities

If you’re a gamer, you probably are not likely to find people like you in, say, a book club meeting. Book club meetings attract book lovers who may prefer to be by themselves reading. Gamers are often more extroverted, because a lot of them tend to play games with others, whether online or offline. So, the best place for gamers to connect is on gaming community platforms.

Gaming community platforms such as Twitch and Discord are basically gathering spots where gamers can share gameplay highlights, banter and just casually socialize. You don’t have to work too hard to find other people who are just as crazy as you about certain games; there are tons of them there, all eager to connect with people like them. It’s an inclusive environment where things like your physical appearance or gender don’t matter. All that matters is your passion for gaming.

Gaming communities also can help gamers get better at a game. Take casino gambling communities, for example. Some of the best gambling sites have their loyal fanbase and many of them have active gaming communities built around them. They often have on-site discussion forums or message board areas where players can interact. Players use these forums to discuss strategies, and for dishing out tips and advice. These pieces of advice always come in handy to less experienced players, because all casino gamers know that to get better, they have to learn from the masters.

Language-Learning Platforms

Many language learning platforms understand the importance of community. Rosetta Stone, for example, which was recently ranked as one of the best language-learning apps, has a community forum for its over 516,000 subscribers (according to a 2019 report.)

These forums are great because, for one, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re not alone; there are tons of people out there trying to learn the same language. More than that, however, you have people to practice the new language with. 

One kind of anxiety about learning a new language, especially if you have to use the language on a daily basis, is that native speakers might get impatient when they see you struggling to communicate. That anxiety disappears when you practice with people who are struggling with the language just like you, trying every day to learn and get better. You can exchange tips, learning materials and much more.

A community also becomes important when you hit the inevitable rough patches of your learning journey. The support structure it gives you ensures that you don’t give up.

Video Streaming Platforms

People also can find their social circles on video streaming platforms. People don’t just watch videos on these platforms and move on with their lives. Most of these platforms have comment sections where viewers can leave comments on each video. 

A video streaming platform’s comment section is like mini forums where viewers interact with each other based on the video they’ve just watched. This way, people who like the content can bond, just as those who don’t can bond too. 

You can reply to other viewers’ comments, striking conversations with them. It’s even better because the feature also allows you to interact with the video creator. 

Social Media Platforms

Finally, social media platforms are some of the most popular places people bond these days. Though they are home to all sorts of people with all sorts of interests, a lot of these platforms use algorithms to curate the content that users get to see. 

So, no matter your interests, you will definitely find a community of people who share them on social media platforms.

The traditional idea of finding your ‘crowd’ based on your physical settings is quickly becoming outdated. These days, people are just as likely—if not more so—to meet like-minded individuals and build deep connections through online communities. 


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