.Sonya Bennett-Brandt

Sonya Bennett-Brandt writes about climate, conservation and the Bay Area.
Life is Wild
November 27, 2023

Life is Wild

What humans perceive as one place—one city—can be a jigsaw puzzle of extremely different ecosystems, each with its own risks and opportunities for wildlife....
Paddles to the People
October 24, 2023

Paddles to the People

By this point in the pickleball revolution, it’s the rare Bay Area resident who hasn’t played the fastest-growing sport in America, or seen big,...
Walls of Lava
September 26, 2023

Walls of Lava

In the heart of residential North Berkeley lives a cluster of unexpected giants: giant hunks of rhyolite, lava remnants created by volcanic eruptions 10...
Best of East Bay 2023 - Recreation, Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve
June 28, 2023

Best of East Bay 2023 – Recreation

Classic Rock  Exploring the Bay’s explosive history in Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve  Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve is surely the East Bay’s most unique park, with its...
Best of East Bay 2023 - Everyday, The New Parkway
June 27, 2023

Best of East Bay 2023 – Everyday

Screen Time  The New Parkway is the East Bay’s weirdest movie theater The New Parkway, a colorful, mission-driven movie theater and pub in Oakland’s Uptown district,...